Revolution Play Full Version

Explanation of the Revolution gokkast. The basic game of the revolution slot machine is played on the bottom reels or through the 1/0 game. So a win (100 points or less) can be bet double or nothing with the GAMBLE button. Winnings are paid after pressing the PAY OUT button. To save points for the Club game you can also play 1/0 basic games. First choose the Bet, so that the Club game is played automatically when there are enough Club points. The Club Meter shows the total of the pots. If a pot becomes 200, it is automatically cashed.

The Club-Win meter displays the current win of a club game. These points are transferred to the Clubmeter. With the SELECT BET button you can bet 5, 10, 20 or 20 + 20 points in the club game. Sufficient Clubmeter points and pots must be available. By holding down the START button, bets 5, 10, 20 and 20 + 20 will play 1, 2, 5 and 5 winning games in quick succession. The end result of the series of winning games is made by means of the scrolls or the wheel presented.
Points won are added to the pots. A maximum of 200 points or 5 bonus games can be won per winning game.
The 20 + 20 game consists of 2 game parts. The 1st game part (bet 20) gives a 0.01% chance of 200 and 99.99% chance of 0), then the 2nd game part (bet 20) is played consisting of 1 to 5 winning games. By holding START this is played as 1 game. During win games, direct prizes or bonus games can be won. Each Bonus game gives a high chance of 20 (with bet 5, 10 or 20) or 40 (with bet 20 + 20). During win games at Bet 20 and Bet 20 + 20, Revolutions can also be won. A Revolution illuminates a disc. At Bet 20 the wheel starts if two discs are lit. At Bet 20 + 20, the wheel starts immediately after winning a Revolution.

Original Game not available anymore!