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The Hellraiser fruitmachine is a gambling machine from Bellfruit. At this time Hellraiser is offline, but in a few month there will be a total new one, so keep this page in mind.
So the base game is played on paylines 1 and 6. A win (100 points or less) can be bet double or nothing with the GAMBLE button. Winnings are paid after pressing the PAY OUT button.
With the SELECT BET button, 5, 10 or 20 points can be bet in the club game. Be aware that there are sufficient Clubmeter points and pots to be present.
Bet 5: 5 paylines (reel 1,2,3) + chance of winning 2 devils (lives).
Bet 10:10 paylines (reel 1,2,3 and reel 2,3,4) + chance of winning 2 devils (lives).
Bet 20:10 paylines (reel 1,2,3 and reel 2,3,4), higher prizes + chance of winning 4 devils (lives).
Points won are added to the pots.

During the Club game you can win Hellraiser points. These points are indicated on the (red)
Hellraiser meter set but cannot be recorded.
The Hellraiser win plan is illuminated.
5, 10 or 20 points of the Hellraiser meter are used per Hellraiser game.
All prizes won will be added to the Hellraiser meter.
The Hellraiser game especially when there are no Hellraiser points or devils left.
At the end of Hellraiser game, any points from the Hellraiser meter are transferred to the Club meter

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