Cash Explosion Play Full Version

The cash explosion slot machine was made by bellfruit and can now be played online at eurocazino. The CASH EXPLOSION fruitmachine has a basic and a top game. The basic game is played for 1 credit at a time. The top game can be played with 4, 8 or 16 credits. In the basic game, prizes won can be doubled with the GAMBLE feature up to a maximum of 200 credits. If the 100 credits are exceeded after a gamble, they cannot be doubled anymore. In addition to doubling the prizes, you can also choose to collect prizes won via the COLLECT button. In addition, there is the possibility to move won credits to the top game via the SAVE button. In the base game, favorable positions of the reels are automatically held so that the chance of winning a prize on the next spin increases. If desired, held reels can be released via the RESET button. In the base game, the stars are good for a mystery prize! If there is a star crisscross in both reels 1 and 2, no less than 100 credits can be won. With the presence of the 3rd star, the maximum prize is even 200 credits!

The top game can only be started when enough credits won have been moved to the club meter. In the top game only the symbols ‘X’ and ‘O’ occur. It is a copy of the famous ‘butter cheese and eggs’ game. A prize is won if 3 of the same symbols are on a horizontal vertical and / or diagonal line. It is played on 8 paylines. Depending on the bet (4 credits, 8 credits or 16 credits) that is determined with the CHANGE BET button, a certain prize is won. The club meter is limited to 800 credits. After crossing this limit, the credits are automatically moved to the base game. The credits that exceed 800 credits do not expire but are simply added to the profit meter!

With the TAKE CLUBMETER button the credits are moved from the club meter to the basic game.

Now play the bellfruit cash explosion slot machine.

Original Game not available anymore!