All Stars Play Full Version

In the top game of the all stars gokkast, so-called ‘win games’ are played in the background. With a bet of 5 credits 1 win game is played, with a bet of 10 credits 2 win games, with a bet of 20 credits 3 win games and with a bet of 40 credits 5 win games. These winning games are in fact always separate draws that you do not see as such.

You do see what is won per draw at the all stars slot machine and after this has been shown, the reels automatically rotate to a position where the total number of points won in a (number of) winning combination (s) is displayed. The pots from the allstars are automatically emptied to the credit meter when there are 800 credits or more on them. Soif you have no more credits on the credit meter but on the winbank, you can choose a pot with the choose pot button and move the available credits to the credit meter to continue the top game. If you transfer all credits from the winbank to the credit meter, you continue with the basic game.

Original game not availble anymore!

Category: Classics, Gokkasten