Breakout Play Full Version

At the breakout gokkast, there are 5 paylines active in the top game. With Bet10, the balls that are depicted with various symbols also count. 3 Criss Cross balls on the screen of Breakout start the shooting game. Here you can earn up to 480 credits. Every time you stop at a value with an arrow at the breakout slot machine, you go a level higher in the game and you win more points.

At the break out, the bet is always taken from the highest meter plus 1 credit from the lowest meter, credits won are always distributed over the savings meters in proportion to the credits bet. When 200 credits or more have been collected on a savings meter at the breakout, the points from that savings meter automatically move to the credit meter. Points won that exceed 200 are not lost here. Points in the top game can be taken to the credit meter with the Collect button. The savings meter of the highest meter is used first. With the Choose Game button you can also choose the Basic game for these slots.

Original Game not available anymore!

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