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The View a Win is a slot machine just like the top spinner, with no less than 8 piggy banks. Only the view a win has something extra, namely a possibility to see the price in advance (view a win).
The VIEW A WIN is a machine consisting of a base game and a top game. In the top game you can play with 5 or 10 credits. The base game is played for 1 credit per button press.

Prizes won can be taken with the TAKE WIN button or moved to the top game with the SAVE button. There is an autohold function built into the subgame. This ensures that favorable positions on 2 of the 3 reels are automatically held. Any held combinations can be canceled with the RESET button.

To be able to play the top game it is not necessary to wait until a prize has been won. The top game can be started directly via the CHOOSE GAME button. The special thing about this machine is that you can see what the next price will be. The moment the reels start spinning, the prize that will be won flashes.

The only question is when this prize will be won. Is it 40 or 80 credits or do we go for the larger amounts The prizes can rise to no less than 400 credits per spin with a maximum bet. to become. With the SELECT POT button a pot of your choice can be selected. Clicking TAKE WIN then moves the credits from the selected pot to the bottom game. You can continue playing in the top game.

To collect all prizes, click on TAKE WIN until all pots are emptied.

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