Goldrun Play Full Version

The basic game of the Goldrun gokkast is played on 4 reels, each printed with 25 symbols. Wins (see prize chart) count on the payline. Wins above 2 points can be taken or bet (max. 200). You can also activate the super gamble by pressing the shake reel button (gamble select) so that you can try to gamble for a higher win.

Gamble: Above 50 points the gamble becomes a no lose gamble. Wins of 200 points are automatically taken. Wins of 4 and above can be taken with “Recover”.

Feature game: At 4 points, you can press shuffle reels, which may result in a prize or extra points for another feature.
With 5 points, 1 or more steps for the step game will be placed in the savings box.
At 6 points SUPER JPM becomes active. If SUPER JPM is active and a superjpm symbol is given on the 2nd and 3rd reels on the payline, the player will receive the currently active pot.
At 7 points the step game becomes active. If a win combination can fall with the help of the coins obtained in step 5, you can move the reels to those positions by means of start or super step. With enough coins, shuffle can be pressed for a different or unfortunately no prize.
With 8 points, the MIX and MATCH game follows. The 4th reel is brought to a symbol and by means of the start button MIX or MATCH are pressed. With MIX a different symbol appears and with MATCH a winning combination of 3 reels or 4 reels is made. The game itself can also decide to MATCH a symbol.
A super hold becomes active at 9 points. With the SUPERHOLD button, the reel or reels that are currently active in SUPRHOLD go one step above the payline and below the payline. A symbol can then be selected with the respective hold button.
At 10 points there is an extra letter in the word GOLDRUN. With all letters lit up the GOLDRUN GAME continues.
At 11 points, all letters are illuminated in the word GOLDRUN. Now the GOLDRUN game also follows. With the start button you can select STOP and GOLDRUN. With Goldrun you get a prize of 1 of the illuminated symbols and at stop the game stops and you can collect the points with the button TAKE GOLDRUN.
With 12 points you win the JACKPOT of 200 points.

Original Game not available anymore!

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