Turboplay Play Full Version

The TURBOPLAY is a gokkast with a basic game and a top game. The Turboplay top game can be played with 4 or 16 credits. In the basic game, you play for 1 credit per button press. Prizes won can be doubled through the HEAD-TAIL feature up to a maximum of 200 credits. The special thing about this game is that the credits above the number of 100 are split up so that with a good gamble it ends at exactly 200 credits. The JOKERS count criss-cross and earn a MYSTERY PRIZE. Jokers in reels 1 and 2 give a prize of between 2 and 100 credits. If 3 jokers appear on the screen at any position in the lower game, a maximum of 200 credits can be won. To collect a prize that has been won, click the COLLECT button at the bottom left.

With a prize of 2 credits, you must guess at least 1x before the prize can be cashed or moved to the top game. There is an auto hold function built into the bottom game. This ensures that favorable positions on 2 of the 3 rolls are automatically held.

With the RESET button of the turbo play slot machine, any held combinations can be canceled. The CONTINUED GAME can be started in 2 ways. Credits won can be moved to the top game by clicking the SAVE button. The credits won are moved to 1 of the 5 meters and if enough credits have been saved, the top game is automatically started.

To be able to start the top game of the turboPlay it is not necessarily necessary to win a prize. The top game can also be started by clicking the CHOOSE GAME button 1 or 2 times depending on the bet with which you want to play. The top game can be played with a bet of 4 or 16 credits at the push of a button. All prizes count criss-cross but the same symbols must appear in CONTINUING reels.

At a bet of 16 credits, EVERY JOKER that appears on screen will earn a MYSTERY PRIZE. This can therefore add up considerably. To collect a prize, click the COLLECT button at the bottom left. Every time a meter is emptied there is the possibility to double the content of that meter to a maximum of 200 credits in the HEAD-TAIL feature.

Original Game not available anymore!