Topshot Play Full Version

The topshot slot machine is a four reel game with a high content of game elements. Besides the basic game, there is the symbol bonus game, the pinball game including streak game and bumper game, the TOP SHOT bonus game and the super gamble game. After pressing the Start button on the topshot slot machine, the basic game starts and you have a chance to win credits on the middle payline with the correct combination of symbols. With the exception of a prize of 200 points, you can increase your price with the Gamble button, whether or not in combination with the Super gamble button. If you do not have a winning combination at the top shot but you have 4 or more points in total on the payline, then you play the pinball game. You also play this pinball game when you have 4 or more points in addition to a winning combination and you miss out on the gamble game the first time. This does not apply when you play supergamble or when you cash in a prize you have won.

The pinball game of the topshot has the following functions:

Ballshot (4) – You can shoot to a higher number with the ballshot stop button.

Symbol Bonus (5 or 6) – All symbols in the Symbol Bonus game that are visible on the reels are illuminated. A full vertical or horizontal line entitles you to 10 or 20 bonus points. All symbols remain lit until a prize is taken on a reel combination or is increased after an initial gamble or played with supergamble.

Double Bonus (7) – all prizes in the Symbol Bonus game are doubled. The right to double bonus exists until a prize is taken on a reel combination or is increased after a first gamble or played with supergamble.

Extrahold (8) – up to 3 extra holds can be collected here and wagered at a convenient time. An extrahold can only be used if the hold function would normally work. So not with a winning combination and also not with 8 or more points on the payline or a position 8 or higher after ballshot.

Win streak (9) – after pressing the Start button, the reels spin to a random winning combination and the points are placed on the streak meter and you have the chance to win another win streak by pressing the Start button. At 200 points or more on the streak meter, they automatically move to the credit meter.

Topshot Bonus (10 and 11) – another letter of the word Topshot is highlighted. When the last letter lights up, the bumper game starts. Use the Stop button to set the price by pressing at the right time. Points won can be increased with the Gamble / Supergamble buttons if lower than 200.

Top streak (12) – the difference with the win streak is that pressing the Start button spins to a winning combination with at least 20 points.

The hold option, if available, expires at position 8 or higher.

With supergamble you can skip a number of steps to gamble for a higher price. The probability of a higher price is equal to the product of the intermediate probabilities.

When closing the game window or switching to another game, illuminated symbols in the symbol bonus game, double bonus and illuminated letters in the Top shot bonus game expire. Credits from the different credit meters are added together and are returned as a total on the credit meter.
Original Game not available anymore!