Reeltwist Play Full Version

The Reeltwist gokkast from custom games is free to play. Play the Reeltwist fruitmachine with the following game options. Basic role play, 1 0/1 game bet, club game bet 5 0/1 game, club game bet 10

Basic game: The basic role-playing game uses three reels. Certain combinations on the payline (see prize chart) give up. All prizes won from the base game are automatically transferred to the club meter. 0/1 game After pressing START, an automatic bet between 1 and 0 follows with a 99.99% chance of 1. This prize also automatically goes to the club meter.

Club game The club game uses the same three roles. If the club meter contains enough points, the player can start a club game. The bet is 5 or 10 points per club game. Criss-cross winning combinations are possible for both bets (see prize chart).

Reel twist feature: The reel twist feature starts with the following combinations: Bet 5 three yellow or three green reel twist symbols in sight.
Bet 10: Three random reel twist symbols in view. The feature game consists of a number of reels with the following symbols: If the illuminated symbol indicates a prize, this value is transferred to the win meter. If the illuminated symbol contains an arrow, the next reel is activated and the new values ​​are doubled. If the illuminated symbol shows the word stop, the feature is stopped and the prizes added to the winbank.

Original Game not available anymore!