Grand Prix Play Full Version

The GRAND PRIX gokkast is a fruitmachine that is unique in its kind. The grand prix consists of a basic game and a top game has a hold function in the top game that remains active even after winning a prize. In the top game of the grand prix you can play with 4 or 8 credits.

The base game is played for 1 credit per button press. Prizes won can be continuously doubled up to a maximum of 200 credits via the gamble feature. If the price exceeds 100 credits, they can no longer be doubled. Prizes won can be collected via the COLLECT button or moved to the top game via the CLUB button.

In the base game there is a bonus counter and a bonus meter. Every time an F1 car appears on a payline in the base game, the bonus meter is filled with 4 credits. If an F1 car appears criss-cross on every reel, a mystery prize is added to the bonus meter. The maximum number of credits to be won on this meter is 200. Every spin where no prize is won causes the numbers on the bonus counter to decrease 1 by 1 from 12 to 0. When the 0 is reached, the credits on the bonus meter change in credits won. However, every time an F1 car appears on a payline or 3 criss-cross F1 cars during the return of the bonus counter, all numbers light up again.

To be able to play the top game of the grandprix slot machine, a minimum of 4 credits must be won. Credits won are moved to the top game via the CLUB button. Here you can play with a bet of 4 or 8 credits. The bet can be determined with the CHANGE BET button. The higher the stake, the higher the prizes. The reels start spinning when the START CLUB button is clicked. In the top game, the reels may be held no less than 5 times in succession. Prize or no prize If a prize is won, it is even possible to hold all reels so that you are assured of a prize the next turn and in the most ideal situation the next 5 turns. In the most favorable situation this can be up to but no less than 1,200 credits won How many times the hold function is still active after winning the prize depends on how many times the reels have already been held before winning the prize. As long as there are enough credits in the top game, the top game and the basic game can be played together. The credits can be moved from the top game to the base game via the TAKE CLUBMETER button.

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