Fruitman Play Full Version

The Fruitman game is started with 75 points in the base game. Game explanation of the Fruitman.
SHAKE ROLLS Allows the player to automatically spin the reels in different directions via the start button.
MYSTERY Offers the player a random play in the job game.
AUTOMATIC STEPING Allows the player to have the reels automatically step to a possible win.
JUMP Gives the player a number of positions further along the lanes, the number is determined by pressing the stop button (minimum 1, maximum 6)
SUPER FRUIT Saving system which is built up with symbols on the payline, provided that the superfruit symbol in the lane is lit. Each complete line pays 1 bonus point, up to 10 bonus points.
DOUBLE BONUS Gives a doubling of the winning opportunity on the super fruit game.
MULTI-SHAKE Offers anywhere between 3 and 6 options to shuffle the reels with the option of holding.
BONUS POINTS When you have Bonus Points, the small red circle on reel 4 counts for 20 points.
GAMBLING Progressive betting game with half-win option up to a maximum of 20 bonus points.

Original Game not available anymore!

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