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Topdeck Play Full Version

The Top Deck gokkast is a slot machine by Barcrest with many options. If you get 16 credits on the Topdeck, then you still have 10 credits as a consolation prize if you lose. But the same applies if you lose 80 credits. These are then automatically added to your win meter. When you have collected at least 40 credits on the win meter of the top deck slot machine, the Super Gamble button lights up. Depending on the number of credits on your winmeter, you can use this to bet 40, 80 or 100 credits and increase to 80, 150 or 200 credits respectively. You determine how many credits you bet on the top deck and how often you play the game. When you win, the credits are automatically added to the credit meter. There are Extra Start symbols on all reels of the top deck. This acquires a retake of the reel game, with already lit feature symbols remaining on.

Three Feature symbols on the payline start the TOP DECK feature game. This is a game with a lot of options on a Low Deck and a Top Deck. Via the Symbols Top Deck and Low Deck you go from one deck to the other. Every now and then Stop & Feature will light up and the symbols will light up at a slower pace so you can choose where to stop it.

Collect Red, Green, Silver and Gold symbols and win 20, 50, 100 or 200 credits. When the game of the top deck slots on one of these symbols stops, you will receive a Repeat Bet to collect even more of those symbols. Repeat Bet continues until you stop on NO. The chance of YES or NO is always 50%.

When you stop on the Repeat Bet in the Low Deck feature game, the Repeat Bet button lights up. You can use this to restart the feature game, but you can also use it to have a 50% chance of achieving a winning combination in the role play again.

When stopping at the Extra position on Low Deck, an Extra lights up below the Pot-meter. An Extra is automatically used to repeat the following features and then goes out; Won Red, Green, Silver or Gold symbol, Climb (from 4 to 8 credits), 20 credits on Top Deck (extra 20), Superwin (restart after NO), Pot (4 extra credits), Super Nudge game (after a Stop the game continues). By the way, a maximum of 1 Extra is used at a time for the above. When you have collected 3 Extras without using them, you win 200 credits.

The Pot always starts at 40 credits and is increased by 4 each time you stop on the Pot + symbol in the Low Deck feature game. On the Top Deck you can collect the credits from the Pot with Pot WIN. Climb The climb game is played almost the same as the gamble game, only the 8 does not double to 16, but after each successful chance you step up one step to the maximum of 200 credits. Once you have accumulated points, however, you do not lose here if you gamble wrong. Super Win In the Super Win game, the reels spin to a random winning 3 reel combination. The Repeat Bet feature becomes active and as long as you choose YES, the Super Win game will repeat itself and an unlimited number of points can be earned.

When you stop on Super Nudge, the Super Nudge game starts. After pressing the stop button, 1, 2 or 3 nudges are earned. After that, you can save up to a maximum of 8 nudges. The number of nudges determines the total number of positions that the reels can be moved to get to a winning combination. You can see the maximum number of achievable points on the Gamble feature at the bottom right of the screen. You take those points by pressing the Auto Nudge button. You can also try to play the reels to a more favorable position, but each time you press the start button, 1 nudge will be deducted from the available number.

Pay attention! Saved features expire on the top deck when you move from this game to another.

Original Game not available anymore!