Super Flush Play Full Version

The Super Flush slot machine consists a Basic, a Gamble and Card game. Super Flush starts with the Basic game, consisting of 4 reels. Just play on 1 payline, with the exception of the star symbol which counts criss-cross. With the auto hold function, reels with a certain combination are automatically locked, with the Reset button you can release these locked reels again. You can of course also fix certain combinations yourself during the game.

Gamble game – The Gamble game is activated as soon as a winning combination appears in the Base game. The wheel starts spinning and you can place bets with the help of the win disk. The lower your bet, the greater the chance of doubling your credits. With the Stop button you set the win disk to a certain value and let the wheel slowly run out until it comes to a stop. If the wheel stops on the correct choice in the Win Disk, your credits will be multiplied by the value in the Win Disk.

Card Game – If you do not have a winning combination but you do have points on the symbols on the payline, then you play the Card Game. Next to the Card game you will find the credits that can be won with cards on a certain line. As soon as a number of them are shown in line in the card sequence, these points are added to the Card Meter. The Card Game consists of the following playing elements:

Shuffle – The reels in the base game are shuffled and using the Stop button, the reels start spinning randomly.

Card game (5-6): The cards in the deck are shuffled after which 2 cards are shown, these cards light up in the card sequence.

Shuffle Cards (7): You may use this feature at any time during the Card Game. All cards in the suit are shuffled and the Stop button stops the shuffling and the same number of cards appear in another suit.

Joker (8): The Joker can be used to complete an inline sequence in the deck. If you use the Joker, the cards in the card sequence will light up 1 by 1 and if you press Stop that specific card will remain lit.

Double (9): The points earned in the deck will be doubled as soon as you have 9 points on the reels in the base game. Superflush (10-11): The cards are shuffled 3 times and the cards shown appear in the card sequence. Thus, a total of 6 cards are lifted in the deck, creating a high probability for an ‘in line’ in the card sequence. Credits won are added to the Flush meter (23).

500 (12) – 500 credits won and these are added to the Card Meter. With 2 or more points in the Basic game, all features in the Card game expire!

Original Game not available anymore!