Runner Unlimited Play Full Version

The Runner Unlimited gokkast consists a Basic game and a Top game. When you start Runner Unlimited, you start with the Basic game by default. You can add points won to your credit meter or to the Winbank. 200 Points in the Basic game go directly to the credit meter. In the Basic game you play on 1 payline with the exception of the crown symbol. This symbol counts criss-cross and awards mystery prizes with a combination of 2 on the first 2 reels and a combination of 3 on all reels. An auto hold function is built in to lock certain combinations with the Reset button you can release locked reels.

So when you have four or more points in the Winbank of the runner unlimited, you automatically play the Top game with 5 paylines. Here you can play with a bet of 5 or 10 credits. The automatically chosen bet depends on the total number of points on the Winbank, but this can be chosen differently if desired. If once a different bet is chosen manually than the automatically selected one, the automatic switch to basic top game is canceled.

Category: Classics, Gokkasten